Individual Rate
One tube trip —        $10                        
All-day tubing —       $14                      
Waterslide —             $5                       
One trip and slide — $15                     
All-day and slide —   $19                     
Group Rate                         
One tube trip —         $6                                   
All-day tubing —        $10                      
Waterslide —             $4                        
Group Combos                                                
One trip and slide — $10                       
All-day and slide —    $14  

 *The group rate applies to groups of 10 or more, & you must pay together and in one payment. We accept all major credit and debit cards. No personal checks, but checks for large groups are accepted. Prices are per person. Taxes not included. All prices are subject to change.   

*Free tubing is included in two of our Adventures Combo Packages. These aerial adventures are located at Headwaters Outpost. If you plan to do both tubing and an aerial adventure, park there.