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Family owned and operated since 1990. Our mission is to provide Vibrant, Safe, and memorable outdoor experiences. 

Through our professional services and facilities, we make it simple for families and friends to Shoot the ‘Hooch, relax, and enjoy being outside together. Our adventures showcase the beauty of the Southern Appalachian outdoors within the storybook charm of ‘Georgia’s Alpine Village.’



The last point is important: OUtdoor Recreators play a role in protecting and advocating for Clean water. 

Every week of every summer, Cool River staff gathers trash from Helen's strip of river and its banks. Trash is left by picnickers, campers, fishermen, and kayakers. To our dismay, some tubers still leave trash. Please don't be part of this problem! Don't bring disposables to the river. 

We hope your float inspires you to join us in broader efforts to protect waters for all

Our history: We are a small, family-owned and operated recreation company. Although working in recreation for almost 30 years, our family has homestead farmed just north of Helen for many generations. We’ve seen a lot of change in Helen — from all-Appalachia days to the Alpine tourist destination it is today. At Cool River and in our individual lives, we strive to continue to contribute positively to the town, to visitors’ experiences, and to the surrounding area.


Members of a Cool River Clean-Up Crew After 7/4/2017

A clean-up crew after 7/4/2017