Family owned and operated since 1990, Cool River knows tubing. We're located in Helen, Georgia, a Bavarian-themed town in Appalachia and in the heart of Georgia's very own wine country. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to make your day on the river a great one. 


Step 1: Purchase your tickets at Chattahoochee Outpost, Headwaters Outpost, or Mainstreet Booth. Choose between our one hour, two hour, and all-day tubing options. Decide if you want to hit the waterslides as well.

Step 2: Once you've signed in, change into your river attire and lock all valuables away. Leave your keys and ID with us or rent a locker for $2. (Lockers are only available at Chattahoochee Outpost). 

Step 3: Get your tube, life-jacket, and straps. Then, get in the river! How this works depends on where you buy your ticket. Every tubing adventure either begins or ends with a journey up-river in one of our famous blue and white buses. (And if you buy your tickets at Mainstreet Booth, you'll catch a bus at the beginning and at the end).

Step 4: Shoot the 'Hooch! If you purchased waterslide bracelets, get out half-way down to do the slide. 

Step 5: Members of our staff help you exit the river at Chattahoochee Outpost, where all Cool River tubers end their trip. Dry off, warm up, and see your photos upstairs!


  • Take a push stick

    • A push stick helps you keep off rocks and away from the banks. We sell push sticks for $5. You're welcome to bring your own, but people often like that ours double as souvenirs.

  • Wear shoes

    • There can be fish-hooks, sharp rocks, and glass in the river bed. Shoes with backs are best; flip-flops tend to wander away. We sell watershoes for $10. 

  • Don't take keys or valuables on the river

    • You will get wet and things are extremely easy to lose in the river. You can either lock your things in your car and leave your ID and keys with us (a free service) or you can rent a locker for $2. 

  • HELP US KEEP OUR WATERS CLEAN (No Disposables - Except One Bottle of Water per PErson)

    • Every week of every summer, CRT clean-up crews gather trash from the river and its banks. Trash is left by picnickers, campers, fishermen, kayakers, and - to our dismay - still some tubers. The photo below is one of CRT's clean-up crews after July 2017's holiday week. PLEASE, help us keep the river clean.